Indie Beauty; Botanical Lipstick *Cruelty Free*



I’ve wanted to try more indie brands lately, I do love the well know brands like Urban Decay and Rimmel London, but you kinda do see those plastered all over other blogs. Plus Indie Brands tend to be Cruelty Free which is what I have been trying to be more cautious of.

I decided to try out Skin2Spirit Botanical Lipstick. The lipstick is meant to Moisturizer your lips and is loaded with shea butters and moisturizing oils. I picked the color Cherry Plum because I felt it would go well with my skin tone which brightening my lips. While the packaging is not so great, in fact the top of the lipstick was messed up when I first opened it, and I don’t think I can fully extend the lipstick out without it breaking.

The Lipstick itself is really nice. It goes on very smooth and feels moist on my lips. The lasting power is just okay but I feel it would definitely need a sealer to stay on more than a couple of hours.

All in all I don’t regret the purchase, however I won’t be purchasing another lipstick.


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