Life Adventures; Childless at a baby shower


I have 3 cousins who care currently expecting their first child. I have been married longer than all three of them and apparently my biological clock is ticking and may soon stop.

I don’t want to ever birth a child. I made that decision long time ago and even though I was told repeatedly that I will change my mind. Guess what? I still haven’t.

I don’t have anything against anyone who wants kids or has had kids or is expecting. In fact I am so very happy for my cousins. All of them look so happy and overjoyed and that makes me happy for them.

I even enjoyed when they opened my shower gifts. You know what I didn’t enjoy? The constant prodding of when I would be expecting my first born. No matter how many times I explained myself people just couldn’t fathom that I didn’t want kids. I eventually got tired of explaining myself that I started making outlandish excuses just for the fun of it. At the end of the shower I had a huge headache and I was just so irritable.

Most of these people are my family and I love them but I was just so annoyed.

Next time your at a baby shower, or a wedding or just anywhere don’t ask those questions. You know Those questions like; ‘When are you going to get married’, ‘When are you going to have kids’, or even the ‘What are you doing after high school/college/ in life in general’ just don’t ask.

just don’t.


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