What Time is it? It’s Tea Time!

Can I first say that I am in the process of moving to another state so I can constantly surrounded by boxes? I cannot escape boxes so that means most of my pictures will have boxes with them.


Do you like tea? Do you know someone that likes tea? Do you drink tea everyday like I do?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then have I got just the thing for you!

Okay I’m disengaging my infomercial voice now, but I really am serious.


I know it its November but this isn’t just for Christmas gifts, this can be the gift to yourself. That’s why I got it. Vahdam Teas has this Tea gift box that comes with 10 tea flavors for any tea lover.


Tea Flavors

  • Cardamom Chai Spiced Black Tea
  • Samal Valley Nepal Spring Black Tea
  • Clonal Premium Darjeeling Blend Summer Black Tea
  • Sweet Cinnamon Spiced Black Tea
  • Organic Breakfast Black Tea
  • India’s Original Masala Chai
  • SingBulli Darjeeling ORganic Summer Black Tea
  • Earl Grey Citus Black Tea
  • Organic Darjeeling Green Tea
  • Assam Exotic Summer Black Tea

My Favorite was the Sweet Cinnamon Tea, While a little too strong at first with the cinnamon it was delish when I added milk.


If you want to order it or maybe just take a look you can do that HERE.

What kind of Tea do you like?


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