A to Z of me; DEF Is another story…

Here is another A to Z of me post, I hope you enjoy learning more about me, since I enjoy learning about you all. If you missed ABC don’t fret you can read that HERE.

Here I am another three letters to add to me.

D is for…Distractions

I am easily distracted. Very easily distracted. It’s very annoying and in the middle of conversations, Even in the middle of me speaking in said conversations, I get distracted and just stop. I know I can come off as rude because of it. It’s honestly not because I find anyone boring (it does happen though) it’s mostly because across the room I spotted something shiny and it took my attention for you and I may have missed everything you just said and I’ll something just say okay. Even when okay is not appropriate.

E is for… Extrovert


So because I tend to be awkward in social settings people tend to label me as introvert. They confuse the awkwardness with nervousness and think I don’t like interacting. I enjoy talking to people, I am not shy or easily embarrassed. I talk to everyone about everything, I may not know how to react to something the way a ‘Normal’ Person would but that’s only because I get confused about social interactions, or I misinterpret a situation. I don’t think before I say things so it turns people off. However I DO want to talk to you, I love conversating!

F is for… Food


I love food. I will take food over anything (maybe money but it depends on the food). Food is why I have such a hard time maintaining weight. Food is good and if I could actually marry food, I think I would. Just Food… it seriously makes me speechless and now I can’t stop thinking about the almond encrusted french toast on my last Vacation trip.

Here are my DEF, What do you got?


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